Meal Planning Before Wales And France Match

What the Wales team could eat is of much contention for the club’s nutritionist as well as chef. While not every meal is eaten at the club room, the right meal and food itinerary is vital to ensure that the players get the right kind of nutrition and carbs before a game. Just like every other facet of their profession, the diet of rugby players are also planned meticulously and altered to balance taste as well as nutritional requirements.

As the game between Wales and France comes up this weekend, the Friday meals were much thought about. The day before a match the meals are made more of carb based which comprise of dishes like spaghetti bolognaise, meat paella along with fruit platters and fruit crumbles. This ensures that energy levels will remain optimal. If the games are scheduled in the early afternoon, then the previous night dinner is important while the carb heavy meals are more essential when the game takes place late afternoon.
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