Meal Planning Before Wales And France Match

What the Wales team could eat is of much contention for the club’s nutritionist as well as chef. While not every meal is eaten at the club room, the right meal and food itinerary is vital to ensure that the players get the right kind of nutrition and carbs before a game. Just like every other facet of their profession, the diet of rugby players are also planned meticulously and altered to balance taste as well as nutritional requirements.

As the game between Wales and France comes up this weekend, the Friday meals were much thought about. The day before a match the meals are made more of carb based which comprise of dishes like spaghetti bolognaise, meat paella along with fruit platters and fruit crumbles. This ensures that energy levels will remain optimal. If the games are scheduled in the early afternoon, then the previous night dinner is important while the carb heavy meals are more essential when the game takes place late afternoon.
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Wasps Move To Coventry

While you would be reading about transfer windows and players being reshuffled from one team to another in this present scenario, the Wasps management is busy working out training center plans as well as planning on relocating their business operations.

It has been rumored that the Wasps RFC would be looking to relocate their business operations to Coventry from London. The move has already been decided upon by Wasps Holdings Limited. They have changed their registered address to Ricoh Arena from Acton in London. Continue reading Wasps Move To Coventry

Fight among Salford Red Devils players and fans

On Monday, at a rugby league match, players jumped into the crowd, stating that they were protecting their family members after a battle broke out in one of the stands.

Pictures on social networking sites showed some Salford Red Devils rugby players in the away end as the affray broke out, after it was realized that some of the rugby players’ families had become worried and were asking for help.

The Red Devils foretold a thorough probe into the scenes that marred the end of their high-profile Super League game against Huddersfield Giants at John Smith’s stadium. Also, the club confirmed to the Guardian that it had started a probe into all scenes of the incident in an endeavor to find those creditworthy.

The spokesperson told that they were working closely with Huddersfield Giants to identify those responsible for what happened following that day’s First Utility Super League match against the Giants at the John Smith’s stadium. Now, they are fully investigating not just what started it, but those people involved too and how it was dealt with.

The game was won by Salford 26-24. Earlier, the club took to Twitter to insist that they would work in collaboration with Huddersfield to find out who is responsible. They said: “We’d like to apologise for the behaviour of some of our fans today. We’ll be working with @Giantsrl to find those involved. We do not condone any behaviour of the sort.”

Blues would be happy if they had to ‘ditch’ Eden Park

The Blues rugby team, which is one of Eden Park’s important tenants, supports the idea of an arena in Auckland’s CBD and they would be happy to bid adieu to their old home.

The Blues board has thought about the whole issue at their meeting previous week and decided that it would support the making of a football specific arena in the central city in favor of carrying at the suburban ground where they have played for twenty years. The primary issue is one of size.

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