Impressive France Beat Ireland Completely

Ireland who is also the host of the Rugby World Cup, missed out to secure a place in the semi-finals of the World Cup, as France beats them by 21-5 in their C clash crunch Pool.

All the points that were scored by France, was made by them in the first half of the match that took place at the UCD Bowl in Dublin and that too in spite of dominating territory and possession after the break, on the other hand, team Ireland were matchup the performance of Ireland and get back into the game.

Caroline Ladagnous twice touched down and Romane Menager early crossed as the position of France raised and in the pool it secured top spot and with England, its last-four clash.

Though, Ireland wasn’t able to catch up the game after strong offensive game of France, but it managed to show some good performance in the last five minutes of the game.

The damage that happened to Ireland was done in the very beginning of the game, as the start of the France was superb and it puts Ireland on the back foot.

Montserrat Amedee at goal missed with an early kick after which Ireland team was penalized at a scrum, but soon they took the lead, thanks to the efforts of impressive manager, who found her way in the game after seven minutes.

Nevertheless, in spite of the efforts of Ireland, in the second period, France defended stoutly to claim victory Credit: PA

Overall the performance of France was astonishing and in the match it completely overpowers the team Ireland. Some of the moves of France team were so overwhelming that it cannot be explained. As the team France is enjoying their win, people can see the highlights of the match on the internet.